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Lecture on Consciousness and Entrepreneurship

Thomas J McCabe8pm, Sunday, April 15Dalby HallOpen to the PublicAdmission: FreeThe challenging phases of entrepreneurship from the perspective ofawareness; how meditation and expanded consciousness are key enablers.
The role of expanded consciousness in identifying a new product:* elements of a breakthrough product* elements of the entrepreneur’s mindset needed to make a home-run inventionEntrepreneurial mindfulness of validating a new product:* how to find out if the idea works and is a viable product* expensive marketing research replaced zero cost entrepreneurial jujitsuJumpstarting a new company and bootstrapping its growth:* growing in the black* the spirit, discipline, and mindfulness needed to grow an enterpriseMore important than the lifecycle of the new product is the lifecycle of theentrepreneur. more ...
Apr 10

A New Networking Opportunity for You

Welcome to the Lotus Job Network (LJN). Employers--post your job opportunities, and  job seekers--post your resumes and cover letters. We will be doing waves of publicity, starting with our own community of Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City, and moving out nationwide soon after. more ...
Mar 13